corner new 100For student athletes, the back to school season is notorious for non-stop training, team bonding, and new strategies to put your school first in the division.

For your school’s broadcast crew, this means proper planning is required to capture your sports team’s journey to the top. Live streaming your school’s sports games unites fans across the digital world. More views means more support for your school, so you want to break out all of the latest video gear to take your broadcasts to the next level.

Here’s a 2-step broadcast game plan to stream higher quality video, capture better shots, and get more eyes on your content this year.

Lean On Network Bonding
Most stadiums, fields, and even gymnasiums weren’t built with streaming in mind, which means finding a stable internet connection to back your stream is nearly impossible. Couple that with the hundreds of fans on their smartphones, and your video is at risk for choppy frames and the dreaded buffer. Having an encoder capable of network bonding, such at the Teradek VidiU Go, will ensure you have a reliable internet connection no matter where your sporting events take you. VidiU Go can combine connections from up to two 4G LTE modems, or up to four mobile phones, into a single, reliable internet pipeline.

vidiugo diagram sports 600

Invest in Wireless Video
Getting your cameras off of the sidelines and onto the field or court lets your digital viewers feel like they are part of the action. That’s where wireless video comes in. The Teradek Ace 500 is a wireless video system designed for schools that transmits HD video up to 500ft with zero-delay. Attach an Ace transmitter to your camera via it’s HDMI output, and send video straight from the field to a receiver attached to your video switcher. Without wires binding you to the studio, you can move freely about the field to capture exciting new angles that keep your viewers on the edge of their seats.

 ace sports 600


Make it a goal this school year to get as much praise for your sports broadcasts as your players get for scoring the winning touchdown or making the winning shot. The latest wireless video and streaming technology from Teradek is designed to take your broadcasts to the next level.

Want to try Teradek’s VidiU Go before you buy it? Teradek is offering a 2-week test drive program for schools, so you can experience everything the VidiU Go Deluxe Kit has to offer, no strings attached. To learn more, visit: