Combine commentators, multiple cameras, and titling software with Epiphan Pearl-2 to make your team’s live stream look like a professional sports broadcast.

Making big-budget productions without a big investment

No doubt you’ve watched professional broadcast sports. In fact, you might even have a picture in your head right now of your favourite live sports broadcast. You can describe what’s on the screen, which camera angles it most frequently uses, what stats are visible, and whether the commentators are on-screen or mic-only.

What if you could bring all that to a live stream for your amateur or collegiate sport? And do it without breaking the bank?

Solving this problem is easier and less expensive than you might think.

Using a combination of equipment you already have (cameras, computers, mics, etc), Epiphan Pearl-2™ and a titling software package, you can create outstanding live sports streams. Pearl-2 combines your AV inputs into fully customizable layouts, and lets you simultaneously produce, record, and stream your live sports event.

How good will it look?

Whether your plan is to stream post-practice team interviews, pre-game commentary, or the full game, your goal is to increase viewership, hype, and spirit for your sports team.

Here are some examples of what you can accomplish with Pearl-2.

1. Make it possible for family, friends, league members, other teams, alumni, and more to watch your sport live, even if they aren’t in the same city.


2. Drive pre-game hype with interviews from the coach, key players, or other team members.


3. Transition to full-screen live commentary or promotion after the game to share post-game player interviews or to keep the audience engaged until the next match starts.


Make it portable with a sports streaming video cart

Given that sports are done in a variety of places, from fields and rinks to stadiums and gymnasiums, making a portable streaming solution is a great idea. We recommend building a dedicated video cart.

Pearl04-200Have storage space on your cart for the cameras, microphones, and cables you need. Add a small audio mixing panel. Include a Pearl-2 desktop or rackmount system, and place a laptop for special effects in an easily-accessible location on the cart. If you won’t have hard-wired network access at your sporting locations, include an LTE hub and/or a Wi-Fi to Ethernet adapter. In our experience, it’s also good to have a power bar, extension cable, and a dedicated spot to store extra batteries and chargers for anything that needs them.

Set it all up

With your video cart assembled, it’s time to create assets and get to the playfield. Let’s take an in-depth look at how to create a program with picture in picture commentators, a score bug, and multiple camera angles.

First, connect all your equipment.

Connect your commentator microphones to your mixing panel. You might also want a microphone to capture ambient crowd and playfield noise, and a wireless mic for interviews. Take the output from your mixing panel and connect it to one of Pearl-2’s XLR audio input pairs.

Connect your cameras and your cart’s effects laptop to Pearl-2’s HDMI and SDI input ports. Set up your networking and connect both Pearl-2 and your effects laptop to the same network.


Effects laptop configuration

Start by configuring the laptop to use Pearl-2 as a second monitor to extend your display. This lets you use the main laptop screen to edit effects and the second screen (Pearl-2) to display them.

Choose whether you’d like to use PowerPoint for your effects, or if you want to invest in dedicated titling software such NewBlueFX Titler Pro. The choice is yours.

Use a green background for your work so it can take advantage of Pearl-2’s chroma keying capability. For example, this score bug, made with a PNG graphing in PowerPoint will have the green background removed when it’s applied to a layout in Pearl-2.


When your titles are ready, initiate presentation mode and send your new titles on Pearl-2. In the next section, you’ll add these to layouts and get ready to live stream.

Pearl configuration

During your live sports broadcast, you’ll be able to switch between different layouts. For example, imagine a close-up action shot with camera 1, then a wide shot with camera 2, finally back to a picture in picture with your commentators. You create these different scenes in the Pearl-2 layout editor. It’s simple to use with drag and drop controls and easy color picking for chroma key.

Pearl07-200 Construct layouts for each expected shot you want to show. Include your different cameras and titles. Here’s how to create one of our earlier examples with a picture in picture layout that includes our score bug.

Lastly, configure your live streaming endpoints. You can simultaneously record your show while also streaming live to YouTube, Facebook, and any other CDN.

Charge ahead and stream!

On the big day, bring your cart to the playfield and get your game on. Stream some pre-show warmups, or an interview with the coach. Build that hype. Then when the time comes, stream your game live and thrill your audience with a dynamic and entertaining live show. If you’re streaming to YouTube or Facebook, remember to have someone check comments for questions you can feed to commentators during intermissions.

Whether you’re part of an intramural league, school, or other organized sport, your team can benefit from an engaging live video stream. Get it done easily, with pro results, using Pearl-2 and equipment you already have.

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