Broadcasting sporting events without a narrator can leave a viewer feeling storyless.

The broadcast announcer is the source of all the information regarding the athletes, teams, and programs involved in the action. Taking your sports broadcast to the next level by adding announcers is not very complicated, but it can be confusing navigating all the equipment necessary to add professional broadcast audio to your stream.

To solve this, I’ve put together this simple kit to provide you with everything you’d need: Check out this quick video to see how it all ties together

Announce01Headsets ($199 each): Audio Technica BPHS1
These broadcaster headsets are designed so that announcers can monitor their own audio, and send audio to a separate mixer or audio recorder. 



Announce02Mixer ($149.99): Behringer Xenyx 1204USB

This 12 input audio mixer allows you to mix together the sound of multiple incoming audio signals, then route them to an encoder or a video switcher.


Announce03Amplifier ($39.99): Polsen 4 Channel Reference Amplifier

This polsen amplifier allows for clear communication between multiple broadcasters. It also lets broadcast announcers hear themselves as well.


Announce04RCA Cabling ($6.95) : Pearstone RCA Cabling

Affordable, reliable cables that connect from the audio mixer to the BoxCaster streaming hardware.


Announce05Encoder ($499): BoxCaster

This plug-and-play live streaming device offers 1080p HD streaming through the BoxCast streaming platform.

This is the complete kit for adding announcer audio to your live streams. As you start to scale your production value over time for your sporting events, consider making the small investment for adding announcer audio. As far as getting announcers to narrate your streams, consider using student volunteers, who are typically closer to the action than anyone else. To learn more about building a student broadcast program, check out this article.

As always, if you have any questions about live streaming or video production, you can reach me anytime at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Happy Streaming!

JoshHeadJosh Clemence is the Video Content Specialist at BoxCast. Whether it’s producing live events, flying drones around cities, animating short explainer videos, or telling stories through documentary style shorts, Josh loves anything and everything video.

During his time in college, Josh found his true love for media and entrepreneurship. Pairing these passions with his degrees in Marketing and Entrepreneurship enabled him to co-found his own video production and design company.

A native of Akron, Ohio, Josh loves being in the Downtown Cleveland tech scene. In his free time, Josh will likely be trail running, playing basketball, making videos or doing anything else creative.