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Audio in Sports - A Special Section

The crack of the bat. The rising voice of the excited announcer.

The group sigh or adulation from a sellout crowd in the middle of a playoff game. The song that has carried a team through to the championship. The sights of all these moments are only partially complete without the audio that goes along with them. The sounds of an event can give the audience a greater sense of the space of the event and add many layers of dramatic quality to the overall storytelling nature of sports.




Whatever we hear from an event is in the domain of audio: announcers, music, sound effects, the crowd, or anything that makes noise. The role of audio during an event or show is critical because it adds to the content that is presented. While the medium of television is thought of as primarily visual, the sound that accompanies the pictures is another character or voice that helps tell the story of an event. The people running the show behind the scenes have critical jobs to bring those sounds to life and deliver them to the ears of the viewers or listeners.

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