It is the combination of the essentials and extras that make a game story themost complete report on a game of local or national interest.

01 Word NewWhether scripting as an anchor or a reporter, it's important at all times to keep the visuals in mind when writing to video.

01 Word NewAt times, two or more bites can be edited together to make one thought or two thoughts that might naturally follow one another.

It's time to make some things perfectly clear.

You're watching the top-rated running back in your state, someone who has broken every record except one - the career yardage mark.

Jim O'Connell says clichés and jargon should be kept on the bench.

Breaking the Locker-Room Barrier for Women (with the help of a long notebook!)

Guidelines can't cover everything. Use good judgment when an ethical dilemma arises that is not already covered by these recommendations.

Fans don't really understand sports journalists.

When I first heard about scripting news packages, it seemed redundant and time consuming.

No matter what form of story you use, it has to be properly scripted.

 All forms of broadcast sports writing should have the same basic elements: beginning (lead), middle, and end.

Writing for sports broadcasting can come in various forms. But before we go on, some explanation of terminology isimportant (the abbreviations are common broadcast shorthand):

Good writing starts with good reporting and often a poor final product is simply a lack of basic reporting skills.

Active Voice

This is one of the basic commandments of broadcast writing, but one of the most ignored.

You don't have to be a fan to write about sports, but it helps. 

BlueDollarHigh school association sues newspaper for webcasting a game without permission.

TypeBroadcast Sports Writing is really not all that different from Broadcast News Writing.  You want to take the same basic principles from News and Journalism and apply it to Sports.  However, there are some things that you can do with Broadcast Sports Writing that you can’t do with Broadcast News Writing.