01 Word NewThere are other differences dictated by the nature of radio versus television.

01 Word NewKnowing how to speak is important for both radio and television aspirants.

01 Word NewAnchoring or reporting the sports or participating in the broadcast of a live sporting event—as a performer or on the technical side—can be immensely satisfying.

01 Word NewAs great as Kobe Bryant is, he knows perfection is an illusion.

01 Word NewTyra Banks started modeling when she was a teenager, no doubt due in large measure to a certain amount of natural-born beauty.

01 Word NewSports talk has also proliferated into television, including straight-out debate shows.

01 Word NewAd libitum is Latin for "at one's pleasure."

In covering any sport as a member of a two-person team, it's helpful to develop and use simple nonverbal signals to avoid confusion.

Interviews are an important resource for nearly all sports reporters.

Below are 23 tips to improve your sports broadcasting skills

If you know a student in your school who is interested in sportscasting, then a sports braodcasting camp may be just the activity for them.

Have you ever offered a comment on a game, and then moments later the color analyst is saying the same thing?

The spelling of names has taken an evolutionary path that makes it harder for the sportswriter.

At the other end of the spectrum from anchoring is play-by-play. While both skills require much preparation and research, play-by-play is more spontaneous and less rehearsed.

From a technical standpoint, sports anchoring is not difficult. Thanks to modern conveniences such as the teleprompter, it involves nothing more than sitting in front of a camera and reading material you've already written.

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