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SportHeadline 700


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OnAir Performance Theory | Speak! | Ad Libitum | How You Can Look Your Best | Oops! | Play by Play and Analysis | Hosting | Do Your Homework | You Are Part of a Team
Production Plan | Planning, Preparing | Sportscasting Events | Directing Live Events | Live Event Photography | The Role of Audio | Not Just Audio: Good Audio | Graphics and Design Elements Intro | What We See
The Eyes vs The Ear | Writing to Visuals | Scripting Nuances | The Eight Essential Parts of a Game Story
Television sportscasters can look the part by being well dressed, groomed, and properly made-up, but they also need to have that reliable look and sound of comfort and confidence, the underpinnings of a good performer.
Interviews are often an essential part of a sports report, a studio show or sports talk show. There are some good precepts to keep in mind for conducting interviews no matter where or when they take place
Plan for what you can, Prepare for what you cant! Even in a studio or scripted environment, some of the elements of production can be unpredictable.